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Kennedy Kim

Eastpoint Sports Ka-Pong Game Set

Eastpoint Sports Ka-Pong Game Set

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A little competition is a great way to liven up any gathering, and the EastPoint Sports Portable Ka-Pong game set provides entertainment and competition that everyone can enjoy. Players can leave the cups empty or fill them with their beverage of choice. Ideally played on a folding table, Eastpoint Sports Portable Ka-Pong comes with 22 cups in two team colors and 15 orange table tennis balls. Set the cups in triangles of 6 or 10 at either end of the table with the points facing each other. Each team gets 2 shots per round with the goal of bouncing a table tennis ball into the opponents cups. Once a ball lands in the cup it is removed from the table and game play continues until one team has all their cups eliminated.

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